Rider POV: Nukeproof at The Cam Zink Invitational

Nukeproof athlete DJ Brandt goes inverted during the 2023 Cam Zink Invitational

The dust has settled from the third annual Cam Zink invitational held on the outskirts of Reno back in mid-May.

USA-based Nukeproof riders DJ Brandt, Barb Edwards, and Jonathan “Gibby” Gibbons flew high in the skies aboard their Nukeproof Dissent Carbon downhill bikes. Unlike competitions, Cam’s event is a jam format, meaning riders participate as much as they want in a low-pressure/high-vibe atmosphere.

Check out what each rider had to say after the event:

DJ Brandt

Barb Edwards

Jonathan "Gibby" Gibbons