Springing into Summer: Three Limited-Edition Nukeproof Mega Coil Custom Builds

In preparation for summer enduro races and big weekend rides deep in the Wasatch Mountains, the crew here at Nukeproof USA has made the most of a particularly cold and wet spring season to put together some dream bike builds in the workshop.

We started with our big-travel enduro bike, the Mega, as a platform. The Mega is available as a frame with custom-tuned coil shocks from PUSH Industries, FAST Suspension, or Extreme Racing Shox – we think this is a great option for riders who are particularly picky with their parts, or who might already have a choice selection of components to hang on a nice frame. Each of the custom builds featured here is entirely unique and shows how a frame-up build is an expression of a rider’s taste and intentions. We hope this inspires riders to customize their own bikes! Read on to find out why we love coil-sprung big bikes. 


Sales & Bike Technical Specialist 


Where are you going to ride? What kind of action is this bike going to see? 

I live at the bottom of Mount Timpanogos in Utah. There are great trail systems all around it. American Fork Canyon, to the north, has some rough trails that need a little more travel and less head tube angle to handle the steeps. This bike will be exactly what I need to tackle that terrain. Early season I’ve already done laps on Spinal Tap in Richfield, Utah. Mixed wheel size really made for some rowdy desert riding! 


Why coil?  

I’ve always liked the feel of a coil shock on long travel bikes, my downhill bikes have always run coil shocks. I’ll take the weight penalty for the performance benefit, especially when doing resort laps. This Push shock has a really dialed climb switch, so the climbing can be extremely efficient if needed. The Push shock has been left at OEM settings. My attempt to tune it made for less efficient climbing, so I dialed them all the way back to the recommended settings found on the website.


Why do a frame-up build instead of a complete OEM build? 

I always like to do a frame-up build. I usually need a little extra stack from the OEM builds to get my handlebar height where I need it. Buying a complete bike means there will be some parts swapped out and sold off, assembling a bike from scratch just makes sense in my head.

Frame: Nukeproof Mega 297 Carbon (PUSH edition), size XL  
Fork: Fox 38 Float Factory Series, 170mm   
Shock: PUSH Industries ELEVENSIX  
Drivetrain: SRAM X0 Eagle AXS Transmission (170mm crank & 32t chainring)  
Brakes: TRP DH EVO brakes (223 front, 200 rear rotors)  
Front wheel: Roval Traverse 29” 28h carbon rim, generic hub 
Rear wheel: Roval Traverse 27.5” 28h carbon rim & DT Swiss 350 hub (54t Star Ratchet upgrade) 
Front Tire: Maxxis DHF 29x2.5   
Rear tire: Maxxis DHF 27.5x2.5 
Bars: ENVE M7 carbon bars (35 diameter, 40mm rise, 800mm wide) 
Stem: ENVE Alloy Mountain Stem, 35/35mm 
Grips: Oury V2 single clamp lock-on, charcoal 
Seatpost: SRAM AXS Reverb dropper, 170mm  
Pedals: Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill Downhill Pedals  
Saddle: Specialized Power Comp 


Senior Manager, eCommerce Operations 


Where are you going to ride? What kind of action is this bike going to see? 

I built this as my go-to bike for exploring the Wasatch Mountains. I’m an enduro racer at heart, so I love seeking out fast and rugged trails. This bike is just the one to accomplish big days in the saddle, exploring the mountains and seeking out those raw tracks.   


Why coil?  

I’m a big fan of coil. I love the suppleness and consistent feel. Also, I love that most coil shocks require less maintenance than air. More time for riding and less time in the shop!  


Why do a frame-up build instead of a complete OEM build? 

I prefer to build a bike from frame up. I love being able to pick the products I want to run or that fit me best for my riding style. I don’t like to change components too often, so when I find something, I like I tend to stick with the same components for a new build. Especially those contact points like bars, grips, saddle, and pedals. It just helps inspire confidence the moment you jump on a new frame. I just retire the old and build up a fresh new bike that I know can handle the new goals for the season.

Fork: Rockshox Zeb Ultimate, 170mm  

Shock: Rockshox Super Deluxe coil, 450lbs spring 

Drivetrain: SRAM X0 Eagle AXS Transmission (165mm crank & 32t chainring) 

Brakes: SRAM Code RSC brakes (220 front & 200 rear rotors) 

Front wheel: We Are One Convergence Triad carbon, Industry 9 Hydra hub 

Rear wheel: We Are One Convergence Triad carbon, Industry 9 Hydra hub 

Front tire: Kenda Pinner ATC 29x2.4  

Rear tire: Kenda Pinner ATC 29x2.4 

Grips: Deity Knuckleduster Grips 

Seatpost: OneUp Components V2 Dropper 31.6x210mm 

Pedals: Crankbrothers Mallet E Pedals 

Saddle: Specialized Power Comp 


OneUp Components V3 Dropper Lever 

OneUp Components EDC Lite Multi- Tool 

OneUp Components EDC 70cc pump 


Rider Experience Team Systems and Learning Specialist Bike, North America 


Where are you going to ride? What kind of action is this bike going to see? 

I built this specifically for my favorite trail in American Fork Canyon, Ridge 157 to Mud Springs to Mill Canyon and the Deer Valley laps down Twist and Shout to Lower Fire Swamp. 


Why coil?  

Not just any coil, I am super sold on the PUSH ELEVENSIX. It is magical.   

I have ridden a couple of other coils and was never completely sold. They add weight, reduced the poppy playfulness, and weren't my jam. Then last year I ran the ELEVENSIX and WOW. I noticed the usual improvement with trail chatter and repeated hits, but better, and I didn't feel like I gave up anything when it came to a poppy playful ride. I also love that the climb mode can be adjusted independently. Usually climb modes are just super stiff, but with this, I have it set up with a little more low-speed and high-speed damping than the open mode. Great for smoother flow trails. It's like two usable shocks instead of one with a super stiff climb mode (you can do that too if you want). 

If I have $1600 to spend on an upgrade and am looking at this shock or carbon wheels, this shock will get my money every time. The single best "upgrade" I have made to a bike. 


Why do a frame-up build instead of a complete OEM build? 

In the last 10 years, I don't think I have ridden a bike completely stock. At the very least, I swap out the bars, stem, grips, and saddle, but often more than that. I think once you plan to replace more than a certain percentage of a stock build, you should just go custom. In this case, the limited-edition colorways were extra enticing.

Fork: Rockshox ZEB Ultimate 170mm Fork 

Shock: PUSH Industries ELEVENSIX 

Drivetrain: SRAM X0 Eagle AXS Transmission 

Brakes: Magura MT7 Brakes (220 front & 200 rear rotors) 

Front tire: Maxxis DHF EXO+ 29x2.6 

Rear tire: Maxxis Dissector EXO+ 27.5x2.6 

Seatpost: SRAM AXS Reverb dropper, 170mm  


Saddle: Selle SMP Dynamic Saddle 

Forrest's Mega 297 Carbon (PUSH edition) vs. John's Mega 297 Carbon (PUSH edition) 


forrest's mega with PUSH ELEVENSIX COIL SHOCK AND sram x0 eagle axs transmission


These builds are ready to smash out laps on summertime singletrack. We hope you’re inspired to dial in your own magical coil-sprung big-travel machine. Happy trails!