Jonathan "Gibby" Gibbons at THE CAM ZINK INVITATIONAL

This was Gibby’s second year attending the Cam Zink Invitational. Living only 45 minutes away, desert riding is in his blood.

After riding his Nukeproof Mega the first two days he was stoked to get on his brand new Dissent Carbon downhill bike and put it to work. He built it in the bed of his truck just in time for the evening session. The getting was good until Gibby got a bit loose during a pit bike race and had to get a few stitches in his leg. What’s a party without a little battle wound?

Gibby loves the event because it’s local, it’s nothing but good times, and it’s non-stop riding with buddies and new friends. He appreciates Cam’s dedication to helping the scene grow and thrive. “Cam took me and the boys under his wing as kids, so it’s always mandatory to come to the event. We just had all around great times.”